Greg Wolfson


Greg Wolfson, CEO of Borderline Media Company
Greg Wolfson, CEO of Borderline Media Company

As CEO and owner of Borderline Media Company, Mr. Gregory Wolfson provides full service digital branding, design, and video production services for both private and government clients. He manages a large team of creative professionals, including producers, directors, writers, designers, animators, and web developers to ensure that audio, visual, and Web-based products are delivered on time and within budget. He has worked with a diverse group of both federal, nonprofit, and corporate clients to understand their marketing challenges and develop digital campaigns that increase their market share. Past clients include the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), the Department of Veterans Affairs, Bean Kinney & Korman, SMS, AMS, Integrated Financial Partners, Lincoln Financial, E-Rollover, Decisiv, and ADS Tactical.

In addition to managing day-to-day operations, Mr. Wolfson is deeply involved in the creative work of the company. His video production management experience includes all aspects of production and post-production pipeline, taking clients through iterative versions and integrating their feedback to arrive at a polished final cut. He has deep expertise with the accessibility standards, ensuring client media satisfies all distribution and legal requirements. In addition to the development and execution of creative concepts, Mr. Wolfson and his team constantly analyze campaign performance using a suite of web analytics tools, ensuring that Borderline’s efforts are in fact increasing the client’s bottom line.

As a proud Filipino-American, Gregory is strongly influenced by the stories and work ethic of his mother, a first-generation immigrant from the Philippines. In order to promote diversity and inclusion, Gregory currently participates in multiple D.C. Area Asian Pacific Islander business organizations. He is an active member of the National Association of Asian American Professionals, Washington D.C.; the Philippine American Chamber of Commerce; Filipino Young Professionals; and the Stanford Asian Pacific American Alumni Club (SAPAAC).