Season 1, Episode 33

Whiskey and Karaoke

How many times do you lie about knowing more about whiskey than you do? I think we all do it a lot. We'll clear up some of the biggest misconceptions you have about whiskey. Then, we're talking about a Japanese pastime, Karaoke. This activity is more baked into our culture than you might realize. What's your go-to karaoke song?

Season 1, Episode 32

Perineum Sunning and Caddies

On Episode 32 of TMWYK, we’re talking about two summer activities that everybody loves: perineum sunning and golf (Caddies, more specifically). That’s right, we get down and dirty discussing the b-hole tanning process that has taken the wellness influencer world by storm. We don’t recommend you show your sphincter to the sun, but we’re not gonna knock it until we try it. If you live near me, make sure not to look on my balcony tomorrow morning. In the second half, we get the low down on the guys that help you go low. Caddies are a staple of golf. Learn about the dos and don’ts and the qualities a great caddie should have. And if you’re hitting the links this weekend, remember to tip well.

Season 1, Episode 31

Canadian Football League & Popcorn

On Episode 31 of TMWYK, we head to the gridiron north of the border to discuss the Canadian Football League. Learn about the league's history as well as some rules that differ just slightly from those of the NFL, like having to say sorry every time you tackle someone. In half #2, Michael #2 leads us on a discussion about popcorn.  Come enjoy an episode that would make Orville Redenbacher (RIP) proud.

Season 1, Episode 30

Turkey and Leather

On the 30th installment of TMWYK, we're discussing Turkey and Leather.

Season 1, Episode 29

A.I. and Mosquitoes

On the 29th edition of TMWYK, the gang goes international. Michael #1, calling in from South America, discusses ALL things AI, including the time he rejected Allen Iverson in a 1-on-1 basketball game back in 1999.  In act 2 of the episode, we're talking about everyone's favorite blood-sucking pest: mosquitos. Learn about malaria, blood meals, and more.

Season 1, Episode 28

Fake News and Treasure Hunting

On the 28th installment of TMWYK, we're taking on the world of Fake News, a term that has grown in popularity since the 2016 presidential election. In the second half of the episode, we're diving for buried treasure.

Season 1, Episode 27

Gender Reveals & Daylight Saving Time

On the TWENTY-SEVENTH installment of Tell Me What You Know, we're talking Gender Reveals and Daylight Saving TIme (NOT Daylight Savings TIme).

Season 1, Episode 26

Stocks & James Naismith

On the 26th edition of TMWYK, we're talking about all things stocks, as well as the basketball daddy himself, Mr. James Naismith.

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