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What good is the platform and audience if you aren't saying anything?

Videos, Podcasts, Blogs... You name it, we can help you produce it.

You name it, we can help you produce it. At the core of our strategy is crafting high-quality content that we share with your audience. We create video series, podcasts, blogs and animations that help you break through the noise and find your perfect customer. Being consistent and on-message is key to driving results and finding what helps you break through.

The core of every campaign is the content you share. If your messaging is wrong or your content looks amateur, you won't get the results you are looking for. We are a content production company and we help you produce professional videos, blogs, and podcasts for your marketing campaigns or your brand. We can help you produce an entire series or a one off brand or corporate video. As your partner, we help your marketing team think through mission and then craft a plan that works within your constraints. By bringing us onboard early in a project, we can help you consider ideas you might not have even considered because we see the entire process from production to distribution to results.

Take a look below at some of the services we offer and find more details about specific types of projects you might have in mind. From explainer videos to branded content, explore different ideas that you might use in your next campaign.

Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs provide a great way to quickly communicate key messages to your target audience in a fun and engaging way. As attention spans get every shorter, animate GIFs allow you to engage with viewers you don’t want to stick around for that long-form video or blog post. 

Our process begins with our writers working with you to distill your message into short, memorable phrases that are easy to visualize. Then, our designers create animation keyframes so you can sign off on the text and design layouts. Finally our animators bring the keyframes to life, creating a quick 10 to 15 second loop that can be distributed on a variety of social platforms.


Video animation and graphics, whether as a short interlude in your live action video or encompassing the entire video piece, adds polish to your production and helps explain complex concepts visually. Our team of designers and animators work together to create animated sequences that are consistent with your existing brand assets and identity. 

Common examples of animation include animating your company logo, bringing charts or infographics to life through movement, and the creation of a variety of titling and transition effects that will enhance your video. For longer “explainer” videos that take place entirely in an animated space, our team will first create a series of keyframes to give you a sense of the key elements and their movements. Having signoff on the keyframes first will ensure that the final animated product matches your vision.


Blog and written content is so important for you web site. It is a main driver of SEO rankings. A high-rank article can be worth thousands of dollars to your bottom line. We can help you write this content by finding subject matter experts that can write great content. We then optimize it for keywords to make sure it’s phrased in a way Google and the search engines will rank it. Then we design eye-catching visuals that make the webpage sizzle and make people click on the article when you share it on social media.

Brand Videos

A brand video should be what you send someone when they ask “what do you do?” It should not only answer that question but it should create a lasting feeling on your audience. You do this with a compelling story. The story helps your audience understand who you are and your approach to your business. It shows your passion. In a brand video, it’s not about telling your audience how you solve the problem or deliver the service, but why you love solving THIS problem. Do you love selling houses, creating a legal strategy, finding tax savings, anything! We help you tell a story that embodies this passion and will leave a strong impression on your audience. Learn more about how we help you tell your story.

Event Video

Borderline has covered all sorts of events. We have covered large conferences and supplied roaming crews gathering interviews and testimonials. We make sure your event is a success and you capture footage that you can use well beyond the event. We have even covered digital conferences during COVID and made sure live events go off without a hitch.

Every event needs a "sizzle video", something that makes everyone want to attend or watch the recording. Using the power of video allows us to capture the vibe of the event and make people understand how your event will make them feel - excited, educated, informed.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos should be an important part of your content mix. They 'explain' your business and services to your customers. Someone who needs to hire you will watch an explainer video to get a better idea if your services are what they are looking for. You might need to educate your customer on a common misconception or teach them about a core aspect of your service that they should factor in to their buying decision.

Explainer videos can take many forms and often times can be strictly educational. But, an educated buyer makes for better clients because they understand what they are buying and how you can help them. This allows for expectations to match results; the first step to creating satisfied customers.

Green Screen In-Studio

Green screen shoots give you the ultimate flexibility in what background you’d like for your video. Instead of a drab office wall, you can occupy a digital space that reinforces your company branding and adds a ton of production value. Our talented production team will ensure that the footage is shot correctly so that background replacement is seamless and without any unsightly artifacting. For smaller, waist up green shots with one or two people, we can accommodate you in our facilities or come to your office and shoot in a large conference room.  For more complex shoots, we work with several Washington D.C.-area shoot spaces that can fit your needs.

Once the footage is shot our our editors and visual effects artists will remove the background and composite in the digital background. We will work closely with you to leverage your existing brand assets to make sure the finished product has a look and feel consistent with your existing media. We can also create custom visual elements to that the content and style of the particular video.

In-Program Videos

Sometimes the best way to convince a customer to buy your product is to show that product in action.  Enter in-program video, a great way to walk your audience through key features of your digital product. 

Borderline makes the process of creating in-program video easy.  First, during the scripting phrase we work with you create the best narrative for showing off your product, identifying the key features and interactions that will convince your viewers.  Then we can have you or a professional voiceover artist read the finished script.  Finally, our editors create high-resolution screen recordings of the product in action, which we edit and marry together with the audio walkthrough. Graphic overlays can then be added as needed to further guide the viewer’s eye.


Interview filming is the core of most videos. From interviewing members of your team for your corporate video to getting a testimonial, an interview usually creates the structure for all of your videos. We have great experience filming interviews. We also adapt the interview to the environment. Like when we cover a conference and the interviewees onlty have a few minutes. We light, lav/boom, and find interesting backdrops for interviews to take place. We have also filmed cinematic interviews for marketing campaigns that are trying to create an emotional aesthetic.

Your video team needs to be experienced to make an interview experience great for the interviewer and interviewee. The last thing you need is a technical gaffe that ruins the environment or gets people worried enough that they can’t concentrate on the content. We have filmed with elected officials and CEOs who you want to make sure have a great experience. We are your trusted production team that makes sure you get an amazing interview.


We have produced hundreds of podcast episodes for our clients. We are deeply aware of all the steps required to build and manage a successful podcast. As the pandemic hit in March 2020, we pivoted to remotely record first class podcasts and still ensure they sound as if the participants were in the same room.

We help you at every step: 

  • Research titles, formats, and niches
  • Create cover art and the brand for the show
  • Produce a trailer episode to help sell new listeners
  • Manage the recording schedule and coordinating guests
  • Send equipment to guests to ensure professional-sounding audio
  • Edit each episode
  • Create promo materials from the podcast to share on social media
  • Manage the hosting provider to distribute on all the platforms
  • Accurately track downloads so you know who is listening
  • Create a podcast website that we can customize and integrate with your business
  • Send out emails to your avid listener base
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Social Cards

Images make a huge difference in an overcrowded social media feed, and employing a consistent posting schedule using relevant, branded imagery helps your organization earn attention, build brand loyalty, and increase engagements. Borderline’s graphic design team specializes in the ideation and creation of custom images for social media. These social cards help capture and retain your audience’s attention and reinforce your brand so that your followers remember your message. Solidify your brand and enhance your messaging with custom graphics for your social media presence.

Testimonial Videos

The most powerful marketing is word-of-mouth. A testimonial takes the words of your clients and let’s your prospective client know what you can do. It allows your leads to hear from someone like them and how you helped them solve their problem.

We can help you film in-person and we can also record them remotely, using our remote filming capabilities. This can be extremely convenient to getting testimonials recorded quickly and at high-quality. We can even display a teleprompter for your clients who want to make sure they know exactly what they want to say.

Website Development

A website is your digital storefront. It’s how people judge whether or not they want to do business with your company. Sometimes it’s a matter of telling a story or quickly giving your visitors the information they need quickly. Every company is different and we help you balance design and utility.

We have a few different types of websites we can help you develop. They can be one page landing pages designed to capture leads or they can be entire websites.

Landing pages should follow best practices for capturing a visitors action. That can be filling in a form, watching a video, or scheduling a meeting. We build these pages with the plan to develop many types of landing pages so we can use data to determine what works best.

We also help you build and rebrand your entire website. We build websites for Wordpress and Wagtail CMS. Both of these powerful content management systems can be designed to suit your business and our designers start in Sketch and move to code and approval by your team.

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