From scheduling posts to formatting the best copy and finding the right hashtags, we take hours off your plate.

Get Your Message Out There

So, you have a new blog post, new video, or podcast and now you need to make sure you share it, promote it, and get it into the hands of your audience. We take this part of the process off your hands so you are posting consistently and at the right times. We also monitor the results from your posts and deliver analytics reports in our weekly and monthly meetings.

Posting across all of your channels can take a long time to setup and manage. Different platforms have their own idiosyncrasies that require different image sizes and formats, text lengths, and voice. We help you navigate these waters so you are always posting good looking content.

Posting content on a regular basis is also a never-ending treadmill that will eventually overwhelm any team. We give you the infrastructure to share your content on an on-going basis so you are always in front of your potential audience.

Take a look below to see learn more about our distribution services to see how we can help your team.

LinkedIn Audience Growth

Borderline works with clients to develop an online and public presence for the brand on LinkedIn, specifically targeting new clients through audience acquisition and conversion. 

Borderline assumes control of the personal LinkedIn pages of any individuals identified by a client, developing the look and feel of these personal pages, focusing on the client brand. Borderline designs custom images for the LinkedIn pages so they reflect the brand and are attractive for prospects to follow. 

We work with a client to develop several sets of search criteria that identify their ideal client, prospect, or audience member. With our proprietary software, we scour the LinkedIn ecosystem for prospects based on the identified search criteria and make connections via the chosen personal accounts. This will broaden the potential reach of a client’s audience and drive traffic to corporate landing pages. 

Borderline will also develop and design the marketing materials to be deployed via LinkedIn. These marketing materials may include but are not limited to: videos, images, vlogs, blogs, text, and other collateral material. Borderline schedules material to be shared from LinkedIn pages on a near-daily basis.

Social Media Management

The business potential of social media networks is immense. Social media is a highly effective form of digital marketing, yet many businesses have little or no social media presence, largely due to not having the time or resources to invest in marketing on social platforms. Borderline’s social media team is skilled in social media strategy and content creation. We use tools like Sprout and OctopusCRM to manage messaging and create an optimized posting schedule for your marketing campaigns, ensuring that your messages are being put out into the social media universe at the ideal day and time.

If you’re strapped for time or low on human resources, Borderline can take the lead on strategy development, social media account setup, monitoring analytics, content development, brand reputation management, paid campaigns, and reporting.

Video Distribution

The work doesn’t end after our production team has created the perfect video for your business. We can also take on the task of uploading the videos to your YouTube page. If you don’t have a YouTube channel, we can create one that mirrors your company’s brand and provides an added value of helping your organization get found on search engines.

Reach Out

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