Our approach is deeply rooted in data and analytics so we understanding of your brand, its digital footprint, market competitors, and brand positioning.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

Having a successful digital strategy requires a high-level perspective of your competition, message, and goals. We help you craft an actionable strategy with defined and attainable goals. Let us help you get a handle on your SEO, content, and analytics so you can start getting results.

The first thing we do is provide an environmental scan of your website and properties as well as your competitors. We use industry tools such as SEMRush, Ahrefs, and SpyFu to put identify page rank, keywords, technical issues, and paid & organic results. We also provide a view of your competitors for where they rank and which pages on their website perform better than your own. Our in depth analysis is one of the most valuable things we do for our clients because it provides to perspective on what content people are searching for and the words and phrases to find it.

Organic search is a powerful tool for any business but it is a long-term strategy. We also put together a social strategy that allows you to connect with your audience and start a conversation with them by answering questions they are interested in. For instance, we may be working with a lawyer who focuses on intellectual property and we could help her start a content series about pursuing patents while protecting building a product.

Our insights into the market help you focus on what matters so you your audience knows they need your services. Take a look below to learn more about some of the specific strategies we employ for our clients.

Environmental Scan

Borderline uses its proprietary blend of software to develop a full environmental scan report that provides a deeper understanding of the online universe around each client’s practice areas and the various other critical terms associated with them. 

This environmental scan reveals our client’s current digital positioning, including associated keywords, site traffic, customer personas, and native and digital competitors. Informed by this data, Borderline works with our clients to identify and develop a new set of keywords and content options that target company priorities, ensuring our clients are positioned properly from a search perspective in those spheres of influence. This process highlights the types of content, volume of content, dissemination and distribution timelines, in addition to related keywords and search questions that will illicit and increase search positioning, site traffic, and search economic value. 

This process extends to a close examination of the client’s website as well as those of competitors and other web products that will serve as aesthetic and content inspiration for website enhancement. Borderline uses analytics gathering tools to track the techniques and tactics of key competitor sites to maximize the SEO architecture of the new website. 

This environmental scan serves as the underlying road map for all digital efforts as we begin the process of optimizing our client’s online presence.

Keyword Research

We conduct keyword research using professional tools like SEMRush and SpyFu to identify keywords that your customers use to find your services. This helps us figure out what content you should prioritize creating. It also sheds light on keywords that don’t have as much competition. These are very valuable. Using these keywords can drive a lot of traffic at your site quickly. These keywords also help us hone your written content so we make sure it’s written in a way that SEO bots will identify the keywords and rank the page for them.

PPC click campaigns? We can help you set up AdWords campaigns off these keywords and get paid traffic when people search for them. Paid campaigns can be a great way to drive traffic when you have a new website. After you start getting noticed, a more organic approach might suit your goals and budget. These keywords can be quite valuable to your goals.

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