Outsourced Marketing Department

We fully manage the production, design, and distribution for BKK's marketing. This allows their lawyers to focus on content and working with new clients.

Law firms are interesting organizations to market. They have varying areas of focus and their value is connected to their brand and the brands of individual lawyers. In a way, a law firm's value is the sum of its parts. To help them market themselves, we focused on their overarching brand as well as the brands of their lawyers.

We started with a brand video commemorating their 60th anniversary. This gave us an opportunity to film a high-quality video that reflects their overall brand. Next, we met individual lawyers and discussed their own brands and how they have generating leads. Each lawyer has a different comfort level and personal brand. We wouldn't take a more introverted person and ask them to host their own interview show. But if someone has a large personality, we want to share that personality and passion with their audience.

Each lawyer has their own areas of focus that allows them to own their niche. Most of the lawyers decided to write a weekly blog focused on a unique area of their expertise and once a month film 4 videos that support those blog posts. We then take this content and package it for distribution.

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