Using Animation and Graphics to Educate

Animation is an effective way to educate your audience about an issue or cause that's important to you.

The American Gaming Association took up the longterm goal of lobbying the Supreme Court to repeal PASPA, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. It prohibited the wagering on all sporting events both professional and amateur.

The start of this project was to lock in a script that would help us determine what we needed to animate. We worked with the team at the AGA to hone in on the most important parts of their argument to repeal PASPA. The script is very important for an animated video such as this because making changes later in the project are difficult and time-consuming.

We then recorded the script into a scratch-track so our team of designers and editors could start creating the look-and-feel of the video. Animators call these designs 'keyframes'. They represent the main points between sections. Once the designs are approved and the animations are completed, a professional VoiceOver artist records the script and we swap it with the scratch-track. A final audio mix is completed and the video is delivered.

The outcome of this project was that PASPA was repealed by the Supreme Court on May 14, 2018.

PASPA Repeal

To support American Gaming Association, Borderline created an animated video that was shared across social media platforms that explained the issue and made people more informed about what a repeal of the law was about.

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