Focus on your content and we'll take over the production, remotely. Save on production so you can spend more on promotion and lead generation.

Borderline is revolutionizing how industry professionals film, edit, and distribute their video content by leveraging remote production techniques. With the implementation of new technology, we are able to take full control of your iPhone or Android phone and film with you wherever you are in the world. Using an app, our producers help guide the framing of the shot, adjust camera settings such as focus, exposure, and light temperature, and display a teleprompter right on your screen. Because of the ease of this workflow, filming videos becomes streamlined, fast, and cost-effective. 

A traditional video shoot can consist of a crew rearranging your office, communicating with the loading dock to move larger equipment, and asking everyone in your office to be quiet. This is a filmmakers approach to video, but is entirely unnecessary if the goal isn't for your video to be shown on a theater screen. Your video is being viewed on a phone, tablet, or computer, and your audience is eagerly awaiting your message. We make sure you look good and you sound good.

We send you a simple phone rig that includes a phone cage, microphone, LED light, and a small tripod. We also include instructions on how to set everything up. It’s so simple! Schedule a consultation to see if remote video production is right for you.

We Send You Everything You Need

When we begin your series, we'll send you the Borderline Remote Production Kit that includes a phone rig that will fit any device, a microphone to record better audio, an LED light, and a small desk tripod. Setup takes 5 minutes!

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Idea for Lawyers

Start a weekly video offering information about your industry that most people don't realize. You can share these videos on social media to drive new leads to contact you about your services.

Idea for Consultants

Provide a weekly recap of news from the previous week that would be relevant for your clients. These can be quick 1-minute videos that are informative and keep you top-of-mind with your clients and leads.

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Idea for Leaders

Film a video message for your team member's birthdays. Deliver a quick birthday message that looks professional and personal so that they know how you value them on your team.


We offer a range of packages based on what you need. We can help you with a single video or start your video series.
Single Video


  • Filming
  • Editing
  • Simple Graphics
  • Scripting
Base Series Package


  • 1 Filming Day per month
  • Editing
  • Distribution to Platforms
  • Weekly Analytics
  • Scripting

Reach Out

Ready to start your next project? Have a question about one of our services? get in touch with one of our producers and we will be happy to assist you. We're excited to hear from you!